Buffoon Anonymous Poster You'll Die Laughing

Buffoon Anonymous

A fictional autobiographical story about a clown who needs to quit– and can’t. Through trial and tribulation, the clown wages an unsuccessful war on his own stupidity as he strives to find a cure for, … well, himself.

Buffoon Anonymous contains classic clown routines, addictive behavior, a circus ring, an obligatory avante-garde dance piece, the ACME DECLOWNIFIER, and mediocre juggling.


Buffoon Anonymous has been produced by Pontine Movement Theatre as part of their season, and was featured in the NY International Clown Theater Festival at the Brick Theatre in NY.  It is the first show that Adam created (for the MA & PA Festival at the Perishable Theatre in Providence, RI., and every time he remounts it, the show changes and gets better.


16′ x 20′ space, 9′ ceiling.
Basic lighting, 1 or 2 specials.
sound system.
(Even these can be worked around)
The ideal touring space would have 100-200 seats in an intimate setting and be available for a 2-3 week run.

Suitable for adults and older children. (12 and older)
There are a couple of risque references in this show, but nothing too outrageous.  There is a fair amount of physical comedy, but younger children may not be interested, because this is a play about a clown as much as it is a clown show.

Approximately 65 minutes.


All photos by Jim Moore of Vaudevisuals.